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Kelly Hsu, M.D.
specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation and certified in Medical Acupuncture  has joined Camelview Physical Therapy to provide another Dr. Kelly Hsugreat service for our clients.

Dr. Hsu
(pronounced "shoo") received her medical degree from the University of Cincinnati college of Medicine and completed her residency in physical medicine and rehabilityation. She completed her formal acupuncture clinical treaining at the Chinese Acupuncture Hospital and Veteran's Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.
Dr. Hsu understands the importance of combining western and eastern medicine and is available to treat, with acupuncture, such disorders and symptoms as pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, inflammation, headaches, and allergies.
Call our office to make an appointment for a consultation and treatment.

Acupuncture is an effective form of medical treatment geared toward enhancing the healing process, improving the body's control of edema, and providing muscle relaxation and pain relief.  It helps to awaken and energize the self healing and regenerative capacity of the body. It can be used as preventative medicine to help support and strengthen the immune system.

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