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Wellness Programs
Bootcamp style group fitness classes mix great exercise advise and instruction with a fun, high energy, and supportive enviironment, and makes sticking with an exercise routine easier.  They are geared for any fitness level.  Whether you are a beginner or a fit athlete, you will get a great work out each class. 

Monday Wednesday and Friday 6am
Monday Wednesday and Thursday 7pm

The Fitness Studio 602-832-7002

Personal Training
If you prefer one-on-one personal training to reach your fitness goals in the areas of sports, weight loss, or general fitness, we offer hourly sessions with Renae Rochon, NASM certified personal trainer.

Massage Therapy
Our clinical massage therapist, Suzie Suchi, LMT, works with clients to release and reprogram muscular patterns to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve performance, and enhance overall health.

by appointment only
Suzie Suchi, LMT  602-579-9001

Camelview Physical Therapy
4250 E Camelback Rd Suite K-205
Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 956-9434
At Camelview Physical Therapy, we are pleased to offer wellness programs to support your ongoing health and well being.  We provide one-on-one personal training and small bootcamp style group fitness classes and yoga classes through The Fitness Studio at Camelview Physical Therapy, massage therapy with Suzie Suchi LMT, and medical acupuncture provided by Dr. Kelly Hsu.

Yoga Practice
Yoga classes are designed for the beginner and focus on flexibility, strength, and balance. A series of yoga poses safely stretch your muscles, tendons. ligaments, and fascia to increase range of motion of the joints.

These poses (asanas) are modified for each person's capability. Our yoga instructors are trained specifically in body mechanics and corrective techniques.
The outcome is a sense of ease and fluidity through out your body.
Drop in either class.
Tuesday evenin
g 6pm
Saturday morning 9
$15 drop in

$120 for 10 sessions

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